Monday, May 4, 2015

May Budget

As of May 1st, our little man is official on Kaiser. (We still haven't received a bill for our hospital stay yet... but we might not get one at all depending on how its code everything since my insurance pretty much covers everything and they haven't hit us with a bill and we have been back for multiple appointments since). 

This will be our first real monthly budget with the baby and our new take home pays (... well kind of). Since I have my disability money already, i'll be transferring it out bit by bit as the paydays come... but i'm estimating what my new paychecks will be with the benefit changes so they may be way off if I did the math wrong. 

My disability covers me from his birth (4/4) till the end of the month (5/30) since I get 8 weeks for a c-section... but with supplementing my vacation time and when pay periods end and a few other things we aren't really sure what everything is really going to look like and probably won't until the middle of June. We will still have the "daycare" money to draw on if need be, but for May we are going to try and just drop it into our Roth IRA savings to try and get us up to 15% for the year, especially since we didn't do any Roth contributions last year because of the baby preparations.
May Budget: 

Regular Spending:

  • Mortgage (P&I, Property taxes)    $792.01
  • Giving     $608
  • Fast Offering     $20.00 
  • Groceries: $331.99
  • Date Nights     $100.00  
  • Pocket Money for the month-     $80.00 ($40 each) 
  • Cell phone allowance     $60.00  
  • HOA     $295.00 
  • Utility Bills      $150.00 
  • Gasoline/Auto     $250.00  
  • Discretionary Spending     $100.00
  • Diapers and wipes: $118
  • SCB's Cell Phone: $30.00
Regular Savings:
  • Roxy Fund     $50.00
  • Prescriptions & Doctors visits     $50.00
  • Birthday savings     $50.00 
  • Insurance     $155.00
  • Christmas savings     $50.00 
  • Vacation Savings     $100.00 
  • Car Emergency Fund     $100.00 
  • Car Registration Fund     $25.00 
  • Daycare: $440.00 -- stick in retirement until we start actually paying daycare
  • Daycare: $440.00 -- stick in retirement until we start actually paying daycare
  • Clothes: $50.00
  • Retirement: $69.55

Friday, May 1, 2015

What we spent in April 2015

April 2015 Spending:
  • Tithe: $669.00
  • Electricity:$59.50
  • Internet: $47.99
  • Cell Phones: $99.88
  • Housing:
    • Mortgage: $792.01
    • HOA: $295.00
  • Groceries: $309.64
  • Automobiles:
    • Gasoline: $107.96
    • License Renewal Fee: $33.00 
  • Eating Out: $109.40
  • Fun Money: $80.00
  • Clothes
    • SCG: $88.54 (Nursing Tops)
  • Birthdays:
    • $151.94
  • Baby:
    •  $129.65 (6 Nursing bras, Changing pad cover, diapers, wipes, bottles, petroleum jelly, gauze pads, stuffed animal, activity mat.)
  • Doctors/Hospitals/Etc
    • Food/etc: $57.53
    • Hospital Pictures: $44.16
    • Prescriptions: $20.70
  • Roxy:
    • $18.24 (kibble)
  • Other:
    • Hair Cut (SCB) $20.00
    • DVD: $8.62
    • Light Switch: $27.71
    • Photo Shoot Pictures: $150.00
    • Soda (vending machine or gas station): $6.34
    • Pens/Spatula: $3.08

2015 Spending

  • Tithe: $3,481.00
  • Electricity: $224.37
  • Internet: $181.96
  • Cell Phones: $321.92
  • Housing:
    • Mortgage: $3,148.02
    • HOA: $1,180.00
  • Groceries: $1,399.08
  • Automobiles:
    • Gasoline: $600.42
    • Car Repairs: $486.42
    • DMV Renewal: $99.00 
    • License Renewal Fees: $66.00
  • Eating Out: $674.75
  • Fun Money: $320.00 ($80 each) 
  • Clothes- SCG: $150.67
  • Clothes- SCB: $298.02
  • Doctors/Hospitals/Etc
    • Baby Prep Classes: $100
    • 2 months of DHA meds: $54.65 
    • Shot at Walgreens for SCB: $19.70 
    • Food @ Hospital: $57.53
    • Hospital Photos: $44.16
    • Prescriptions: $20.70
  • Baby:
    •  $129.65 (6 Nursing bras, Changing pad cover, diapers, wipes, bottles, petroleum jelly, gauze pads, stuffed animal, activity mat.)
  • Roxy:
    • Flea/Heart-worm meds: $126.92
    • New Leash $23.10
    • Kibble and treats: $39.86
  • Valentines Day: $116.66
  • Easter: $89.73
  • Gifts:
    • Squeeze Present: $50.36
    • Push Present: $113.95
    • Flower "Thank yous" for baby shower  $16.17
    • Birthdays:
      • SCB: $151.94
  • Other:
    • Vending Machines and soda during baby classes: $17.32
    • New Keys for house, mailboxes and cars... plus key chains: $19.96
    • Office Organizing (File organizer, receipt holder, binder clips, pens, desk drawer containers): $25.05
    • Bar Soap, Batteries, Hygiene items, bed cover, toy hammock, silicone tray: $62.90
    • Soda Overages: $26.57
    • Tax Prep $61.98
    • CED lights for my moms house: $10.40
    • Car charger for pump, pony toy, and lego bag: $25.88
    • Fit Bit Covers and WiiU fit meter: $32.74
    • Wire hooks, Silicon muffin and ice cube trays: $25.63
    • WiiU Controler cable: $25.92
    • Home Depot (Fix changing table): $23.41
    • Church Cannery: $62.50
    • Walmart odds and ends: $82.97
    • Kitchen Items (Silicone baking cups, spreaders, muffin pan, ice cube trays).$55.38
    • Corner Shelves for Eli's Room $13.55
    • Radio Shack (parts to convert swing to wall power) $49.11
    • Toys for my husband; Lego sets, ponies, etc. $98.84
    • Road Runner store membership -- $24.99
    • New office chair, Camera and memory card, thermometer, and canned air. $287.16
    • Additional lights for the computer desk $118.96
    • Epic computer case of all computer cases. $204.24
    • Hospital Prep Items. $167.01
    • Hair Cut (SCB) $20.00
    • DVD: $8.62
    • Light Switch: $27.71
    • Photo Shoot Pictures: $150.00
    • Soda (vending machine or gas station): $6.34
    • Pens/Spatula: $3.08

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DMV and Panic Attack

So I've been freaking out because I needed to renew my drivers license in person at the DMV (for a vision and thumb print) and with delivering a baby and everything, I couldn't get an appointment until after my license expired...

Which meant I was going to have to go with a newborn infant without an appointment to a California DMV location...

Since we are breast feeding and only just a few days ago we got the "ok" to start to feed him a bottle of pumped milk once a day to get him used to bottles since I plan to go back to work, I couldn't leave him with someone at home because we didn't have any real milk stored up...

After polling my facebook friends and figuring out which DMV location to go to (we picked one that did less services so the line would go faster), my husband explained things to his boss so he could come with me to help out with the baby.

Eli woke up around 5:00 am to feed, so once he was done we got ready, we got dressed and packed up all his stuff and drove to the DMV. We got there almost an hour before it opened and my husband waited in line with I kept the baby in the car asleep in his car seat until it warmed up a bit more.

He kept sleeping and after a while I got in line and waited with my hubby... we maybe had 30 people in front of us and when the DMV opened at 8 am, we were done and processed by 8:45.

SCB drove us home and then went to work for the rest of the day and I settled in for the morning. After a couple sleepy feedings as the afternoon wore on, I started to worry because he went from feeding normally as soon as we got home to being really really sleeping and only feeding for 5 minutes at a time.

I called the 24 hour nurses line and spoke with someone around 4:30 pm because my baby was no longer acting like my baby did and I was really worried... He was sleeping too much and not waking to eat or really cry at all.

They got us a same day doctors appointment 3 hours later since his temperature and vitals were fine. As soon as SCB got home from work an hour later we tried to wake him and he was just out cold.

He was breathing fine, had a good color, no fever and had a poopy diaper just a half hour before but even with tons of poking and prodding he just wouldn't keep his eyes open for more than a minute or two... I was in hysterics...

We got to the doctors office, got checked in and waited, trying to rouse him and get him awake up and just cry like normal. Once we got in the back and they weighed him he started to wake up and cry a bit -- the most active he had been since that morning around 10 am.

While we waited on the doctor and did a diaper change and I fed him (and he actually ate somewhat normally), the doctor came by to check him out.

It was a growth spurt... apparently babies will sleep tons and only feed just a little bit to take the edge off when they are growing... 

Pretty sure I have grey hairs now... 

Monday, April 27, 2015

April money updates

We didn't do any real goals for this month, other than to meet our son, but we did do some good money things this month!

We saved $440 in our daycare savings fund, so we now have $880 saved up so we don't have to worry about when our paychecks hit the account to pay for someone to watch Eli for us when I go back to work.

We also saved the extra $300 we wanted for Roxy to clean her teeth professionally when we get to that point where we can.

We also have started saving a little bit towards a Roth IRA for the year. We only have $452.41 in there, but its a start and May will be a 3 "paycheck" month for me so we should be adding over $1,000 to the account if all goes to plan.

We also still have $1900 of our profit share check left. It looks like we will be getting a lazy boy to help SCB sleep a bit better with the baby at night. We are going to borrow one from my mom for a week to see if it helps before we take the plunge.

I also got my disability check in the mail from work. Its weird to get a huge lump sum of 8 weeks worth of my income all at once (well 2/3 of my income). I'll be putting it into a temporary savings account and then on each "payday" transferring some to our checking account when my work pays me the other 1/3 through my PTO. All I know is our taxes are going to be really messed up this year since the check they sent for disability didn't take any federal or state taxes out.... but we will also have a new dependent this year so it may balance out nicely at the end... but who knows...


Friday, April 24, 2015

Credit Score

Apparently I'm rocking a 787 credit score based on information on file with Experian.

Since Costco's AMX will be going bye bye in a year, when I was in the bank cashing my paycheck, I got stuck talking to a personal banker because I also needed to order some more checks for our account...

Despite wanting to get in and get out, while he was processing my check order, the banker mentioned that they have an identical card with no annual fee so I went ahead and applied. When it came in the mail, it also came with a slip showing my credit score... 787.

Not bad folks, not bad at all :) 

It also reminded me I need to pull my free credit reports from all three agencies, and get my husband to do the same.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yeah for emergency funds

Somehow my time sheet was messed up and I was only paid me for 40 hours... instead of 40 hours worked and 40 hours of leave... so my paycheck was 1/2 of what it should be....

Just another thing I have to deal with today when my husband goes back to work :(

Now I have to drive down there with my newborn baby to pick up a manual check, then go to the bank and deposit it... 

Thankfully we have extra money in our checking accounts and an emergency fund if need be... But its just so annoying because I already have a lactation appointment on Monday and really don't want to have to drag my baby all around town on Monday when he's just 2 weeks old.